Schild Visor Temp

The screen protector made by tempered Corning glass for your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus









Schild Visor uses 3D tempered Corning glass for the protector. 

As phone drop or impact, the most vulnerable part is not the aluminum case, but the screen. 

To enjoy crisp, clear images in vibrant high-definition clarity, 3D curved Corning glass, instead of flat glass or low cost film, is used for our screen protector.

Flat glass has vertical edge that is not compatible with most phone cases and fragile to impact. To fully protect the phone screen, curved glass, or diamond-cut 3D tempered Corning glass, is chosen as the Schild Visor and can fully cover iPhone's curved surface edge and protect the entire front screen. Additionally, it is compatible with most phone cases. 

Scratch protection

Impact protection



The thickness of Schild Visor perfectly matches with Phone Ring for seamless and smooth texture feel.



  1. Clean the phone screen.
  2. Put Schild Visor onto the screen. No tool is necessary.





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