Phone Ring

Would you put a rubber or plastic cover on a Ferrari?

Don't  put a plastic or rubber bumper case on your beautiful iPhone!

Apple’s selection of the premium aluminum and glass reflects its no-compromises approach to making the vision of perfect phone.  We chose the same.


 To have your iPhone protected and still feel the way it was intended to feel, we introduce you

              Phone Ring

- A diamond-cut, two-piece hinged, impact-protective, premium aluminum style ring for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

"I am an iPhone lover and found all the cases for this exceptional artwork unappealing both if feel & appearance. I decided to make a case by myself. Finally, this became the Phone Ring.

It is not a case. It's a beautiful ring for the phone...your phone feels like it was intended to feel.  --- Vihoo Phone Ring designer.  


Design by Style   Colors   Protection

Design by Style




One-Piece by

Top View



We chose premium aluminum as the material and use diamond-cut process with metallic finish like the iPhone engineers to achieve the same feeling.

By top view, the frame is seamless one-piece aluminum.
For the detail curves, a rounded edge to express the same beauty designed by Apple.  




Crash Pads



Laser-imprinted Vihoo logo inside the Phone Ring and no text on the external surface keeps the Phone Ring clean and elegant.

Premium long-lasting crash pads isolate the PhoneRing from the actual iPhone eliminating metal-on-metal influence and cushioning.

Axially oriented magnets, 2- piece hinge with
positioning pin make the  Phone Ring frames connect seamlessly.

Design by Style   Colors   Protection


Four Basic Colors: Black, Silver, Rose Gold, Gold 


*Additional Top 10 New York Fashion Week Pantone Colors for 2017---beautiful.

Ex. Pantone Pink Yarrow for Spring & Summer 2017

Design by Style   Colors   Protection


Impact Protection from Fracture Dynamics

Instead of using big blocks of thick materials our Phone Ring is designed with multiple features to dissipate impact energy.








As impact happens, energy is concentrated on the corners. Vihoo’s patent pending CZT, “Collision Zone Technology” cuts impact zones into each corner to absorb & dissipate energy. The energy absorption is similar to how a car bumper absorbs shock.

When impact occurs, the two-piece frame also absorbs & releases energy. 

The allocation and deployment of the magnet holes also serve as spatial energy absorption.





Inside the Phone Ring, there is a liner of dense premium cushioning crash pads which absorb shock further protecting the phone.
The Phone Ring mixed materials fracture design are further mechanisms for impact absorption and drop protection.

Signal Interference Protection

Open Corner

Uncover Signal

To avoid signal interference the Phone Ring leaves open the four corner phone openings that are close to the antenna and camera. 
The Phone Ring leaves the iPhone’s signal transmission areas uncovered to maximize signal strength.

Crash Pads

Premium Magnets

Use lining crash pads to isolate the PhoneRing from the actual iPhone eliminating metal-on-metal influence on signal.
We use axially oriented magnets with strong vertical force, but weak side force, approximately 1/100 less then the vertical force positioned as far as possible from signal transmission area.





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