Phone Ring: 2-Piece Hinged Aluminum iPhone 7/7 Plus Case with Magnets


      Your iPhone is beautiful. Why cover it up?

     Introducing the Vihoo Phone Ring - the case for people who hate cases. Right now on Indiegogo, you can get yours FIRST.

Think back to when you first bought your iPhone:

Remember your anticipation to get your hands on that phone everyone is talking about? You peeled off the protective wrapping, your fingers glided across that brushed metal. Then... you were duped into  jamming that beautiful piece of art into a chunky plastic and rubber case... Did you really intend to own a walkie-talkie, rather than a sleek iPhone?


The Case Against Cases


Vihoo Phone Ring


The coffee shop. The conference room. The go-to Friday night bar. The scenery changes, but one thing stays constant – you always have your iPhone. Its high standards of craftsmanship and design match your own, and it feels criminal to hide it behind a bulky, low-grade case.

But what if you could embrace your phone with a sleek, protective Ring that matches Apple’s attention to detail and design?

You can. Vihoo has followed the same, exacting Apple standards in creating the Phone Ring. With just a click, your phone is enveloped in a smooth, aluminum ring. We wouldn’t dare put anything between you and the front and back of your phone. Your phone will look and feel the way it was intended.  


Vihoo Phone Ring 1

Vihoo Phone Ring 2

The Case For Quality

Apple’s selection of metal and glass reflects their no-compromises approach to making their vision of the perfect phone. We take their lead.

The Phone Ring pairs metal with metal – with no danger to your phone whatsoever. Super-premium aluminum alloy makes the Ring a natural extension of the phone itself. And using advanced super-dense lining pads throughout the Ring, the metal never touches your phone. Quality pairs best with quality.


It All Hinges On This ...


Think of all the times you cringed looking at an iPhone smothered in a bulky case. Trapped and suffocating inside thick plastic and rubber, the iPhone is unrecognizable and inaccessible – the opposite of what its designers intended.


Vihoo Phone Ring


The Vihoo Phone Ring puts the phone first. The patent pending hinge technology magnetically and magically opens and closes over the phone. With just a click, the Phone Ring surrounds your phone. The fit is practically seamless on all four sides. Premium, high-grade magnets ensure the Ring stays closed until you snap it open (with no interference to your phone’s signal). Slick, quick, and easy. 

Close Open 

A Case For All Cases. Colors For All Occasions.

When it’s that easy, your Phone Ring can change with you. Our pallet of colors comes in the top 10 Pantone colors of 2017, so you’re ready for all occasions.

Feeling low-key? Keep it classy with one of the four classic iPhone colors. Rockin' an outfit and want your phone to stay in style? Add your own splash of color with a Lapis Blue or Pink Yarrow. With just a click, the Phone Ring brings you and your phone that much closer.

Phone Ring _ Top 10 Pantone Colors

Phone Ring _ Top 10 Pantone Colors

You vs. Daily Life. Winner: You

Do you somehow manage to avoid dropping your phone off bridges? Has your phone never slipped out of a 4th story window? Are you a miracle worker? Perhaps you’re just a responsible human being!

The absurd safety claims of other case makers are necessary to justify those tragic plastic and rubber concoctions. The Vihoo Ring puts the iPhone first while still protecting it from all of life’s casual impacts.

Vihoo’s patent pending CZT, “collision zone technology”, is built into each corner of the Phone Ring, so any impact is absorbed and spread around the entire Ring. Dense, premium cushioned material lines each side to ensure your phone will be protected comfortably while inside the Ring.


The Phone Ring extends slightly over the front and back of the phone, keeping Apple’s original metal and glass away from the nicks and scratches of hard surfaces. If you couple a Phone Ring with our specially designed curved 3D Schild Corning Glass, you'll discover a perfect balance of protection and beauty.  Seamless elegance.  Clean.  The way it was designed.


The Case For Nothing Changing

Here at Vihoo, we’re a tad puzzled as to why case companies make accessibility a “feature”. Our engineers made sure that every signal, port, and button remains unaffected. Case closed.



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