Schild Visor: Corning Glass Protector

Like Apple, we’ve chosen Corning glass.  Then had it designed to seamlessly fit  our Phone Ring.  Backers that couple these two items together will see a dramatic increase in protection when it comes to occasional drops and scratches. Typically, a piece of premium glass like this will cost more than $40 (in Europe EU 45), our bundles save you more than 50% on this item alone! 

Just look at the level of thought and engineering included in every Schild Corning Glass:

  • Full-screen length backs up to each edge of the Phone Ring for a perfect fit
  • Curved 3D glass is less likely to chip and will give your phone a seamless feel 
  • Crystal clear, high-res Corning glass offers superior HD clarity when in-use
  • Anti-shatter protection keeps the iPhone's screen uncracked & scratch-free
  • Bubble-free installation means easy application without any little eyesores
  • Oleophobic coating repels grease & fingerprints, making it easier to wipe clean
  • 3D touch compatibility ensures full function of critical iPhone technologies


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