Vihoo, Inc

Vihoo Phone Ring

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  •  Phone ring adopts a unique 2-piece diamond-cut hinged structure. That is the best method to achieve the perfect fit for the iPhone while maintaining the curved aluminum bezel appearance and feel of a bare iPhone.
  • Minimalistic design displays the unbeatable look & feel of your iPhone. Absurdly easy on/off
  •  Vihoo’s 3D Full Cover Glass protects the entire face.
  • For the iPhone's exposed rear, a thin layer of nano liquid, 600% more scratch resistant than tempered glass, is applied to allow scratch protection on a microscopic level; completely invisible to the human eye and undetectable  to human touch.
  • Due to the Phone Ring’s 2-piece hinged magnetic bumper design, all of the antennas are uncovered; which results in no signal interference.
  • Phone Ring's 2-piece hinged magnetic bumper design allows for unhindered wireless charging.

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